3rd edition


Poisons & Chemical

Bloody Brazilian Knife Fightin' Techniques  

8th Edition

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Since 1985, everybody's favorite Uncle has been writing the books which have defined the field of clandestine chemistry. My books have been described as the pinnacle of 20th century underground writing, and through them I have transformed this genre.

Prior to my typewriter driven blitzkrieg, underground books were generally entertaining, but sorely lacking in technical prowess and veracity. Your Uncle has retained the entertaining qualities of the classic underground press while presenting accurate and reliable information in the clearest manner I can muster.

My work has not gone unnoticed! Please be my guest and browse through this small sampling of media reviews and other newsworthy items concerning my literary efforts. You will be quite pleased, I'm sure!

No visit to this website is complete without reading the several amazing new articles about Uncle Fester, the founder of the field of Clandestine Chemistry. I'm very sure you will chuckle uncontrollably as you read these somewhat exaggerated, but very entertaining stories....

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Advanced Techniques, 2nd edition!

Can't find iodine or red P? Has the anhydrous ammonia disappeared or been filled with funk? Your Uncle has some answers in this second edition!




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